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Re: Re: problem with ":-( none Mode 1 track"


As I was unable to burn my dvd some months ago with a ":-( none Mode 1
track", I searched a bit on the web and found this page :

My DVD burner is an external one, that's a memorex which can burn DVD
+/-RW. Its reference is :

I applied the patch given on the page above and managed to burn my DVD
without any further problem. So, until now, I was just "holding" the
package not to upgrade it.

Today, I thought I could upgrade the package so as to maybe to get the
corrections of other potential bugs and that my bug correction would be
packaged in the bundle... I realised it wasn't the case : in fact, I was
forced to re-apply the patch on the more recent sources to be able to
burn another DVD...

So, the question is : "why hasn't this patch been integrated in the
trunk ?". Is there any side effect that it could create ??? I'm just
asking it to know if I must keep in mind that I mustn't upgrade my
dvd+rw-tools package if I want to be able to burn :-\...

I think this is a serious problem : in fact, my external dvd-burner is a
very common one, and I still see it available in bug french shops. So I
don't feel it's a good thing that maybe people discovering Linux and
trying to burn their dvd will not be able to achieve it and will stop
using Linux or not even begin :/.

Well, I just wanted to point out this bug and have your opinion on the
subject. I hope I'm being understandable in english as I'm french :)

Thanks a lot.


Baptiste <Batmat> Mathus
BMathus at Free point fr - http://batmat.net
Si chacun de nous a une idée et que nous les partageons, nous
repartirons tous les deux avec deux idées... C'est ça le Libre.

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