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Lfie Expirecene Deeergs

Hows it been going?

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Kenton Gifford

Rite now,i'm celebrating my sister's bday...well belated birthday actualy..Her bday was actually on Thursday but no money to celebrate so tt's y we're celebrating it now...Bought some pizzas frm Canadian Pizzas..U noe,the one wif the jingle 6-241-0-241..hahaz..tt ad was lame man...But nevertherless the food was gr8 tho..and cheaper too,compared to Pizza Hut...Now,my mom and sis are karaoke-ing..Man i hate karaoke..Feels like my head's gonna burst listening to their singing..haha..Anywaez,see u guys tmr alrite..I Juz can't wait... 3

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