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Re: mkisofs aborts but exit value is 0

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> Apologies, an entire sentence was deleted from the above by finger 
> check. The issue raised is that star backups are not bootable on any 
> machine I've found, and are unsuitable for "system backups" for that 
> reason. ISO CDs are bootable on many machines, and AIX on IBM hardware 
> supports making bootable backup, which is what I was thinking for a 
> system backup.

A CD that boots on amd64 would not always boot on x86. A CD that boots
on x86 would usually not boot on Sparc.....

A bootable backup is not the right solution.

A better solution is a method that allows you to restore the basic OS
to the old setup in a fast way and then to play back the backup
for the data. Note that a typical CD or DVD is no longer able to include
a complete backup even for the base system.

One way if to archive a flar(1M) and to restore from the original install
CDs and the other way is to have a live CD that includes the backup tool
and to restore a real backup from your system.


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