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Re: mkisofs aborts but exit value is 0

Bill Davidsen wrote:

I would have loved to have star 15 years ago. I wouldn't use any solution today which required reading the whole data set to extract things, was not portable, and which is not cost effective in terms of timeto recovery. Star represents the best implementation ever written of an obsolete method of backup, and I can't think of any reason other than "someone paid me to do it" why I would use star or any similar thing for backup.
Apologies, an entire sentence was deleted from the above by finger check. The issue raised is that star backups are not bootable on any machine I've found, and are unsuitable for "system backups" for that reason. ISO CDs are bootable on many machines, and AIX on IBM hardware supports making bootable backup, which is what I was thinking for a system backup.
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