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Re: growisofs should have a method for padding

> the Yellow Book standard for data CDs requires data tracks to end
> in 150 empty blocks (300KB).
> Therefore a CD writing file system is allowed to read ahead up to
> 150 blocks after the end of the last block with real data
> and should not run into read errors there.

All very well, but then either a large range of Linux kernels were
reading more than those 300kb ahead, or (as I suspect) almost all
Redmondsoft(TM)-generated silver and other CD are defective. While it
can be argued that Redmond is 95% defective, it doesn't solve the
problem. At the end of the day, I'm basically interested in stuff which
works ;)

Good possible reason though why Linux was programmed that way in the
first place.

Padding with mkisofs btw is a good workaround intra-Linux, but doesn't
help with disks coming from elsewhere.


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