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growisofs should have a method for padding

The 2.6 kernel's CD/DVD driver has the unfortunate propensity to read
ahead past the end of a CD/DVD.  It then reports an error, even if the
actual read request was completely legitimate.  See, for example,

The conventional work-around is to always pad when writing a CD/DVD.
Ugly, but true.  (I agree that this isn't the correct fix, but the
problem has not been fixed in a year, so it isn't going away soon.)
See, for example,

growisofs can burn a pre-mastered image.  It would be nice if there was a 
way to ask it to add to this burn a specified amount of padding.

The only way I know of accomplishing it is to actually pad the image
file.  Not very elegant or convenient.  (It breaks any signature too.)

One suggestion: implement -pad and -padsize options.

When I try one of these, I get an error message:
	/usr/bin/growisofs: no mkisofs options are permitted with =, aborting...
Not very clear.  Essentially, it means that some options are not
supported when growisofs is doing all the work itself.

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