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Re: Problem with growisofs: CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/ASC=72h/ACQ=03h

Hello one more time.
Gergely, yesterday I opened growisofs_mmc.cpp and confirmed that it was patched. I also recompiled dvd+rw-tools and compared growisofs' md5sum to the one that I used in that burn and it was exactly the same. After reading the code I dont really know why the program didnt get into that "if" that it was supposed to enter: 

if (SK(err)==0x5 && ASC(err)==0x72 && ASCQ(err)==0x03) {
		    sperror ("CLOSE SESSION (but try to continue)",err);
	    } else {

Im sorry that I cant provide more information about that.

Regarding my burning problem, I changed to kernel 2.6.11 and burned a dvd-r successfuly at 4x, and thats all I need. :)
I guess that the problem was really in the scsi emulation, so it should be ok now.
Once again, thanks for taking the time to help me.

Tiago Urameshi

On Mon, 02 May 2005 08:35:10 +0200
RISKO Gergely <risko@risko.hu> wrote:

> On Mon, 2 May 2005 00:10:24 -0300, urameshi_ut@terra.com.br writes:
> > and my error was SK=5h/ASC=72h/ACQ=03h, isnt that correct?
> Is it, than my patch is not good for you.  Sorry, it was just a try.
> > But hey, I may have found out something interesting. I've been
> > emulating scsi because otherwise I wasnt able to burn dvds faster
> > than 1x. Today I was trying to read a dvd and got i/o error while
> > reading two of the files in it. So as turn de emulation off and was
> > able to read those 2 files with no problem. I got the i/o errors in
> > my 2 drives, and in 2 different moments, one in the debian 2.6.8
> > wich is in installed in my computer and one in an old knoppix 2.4
> > wich I had here. So I guess maybe thats the problem? That is weird
> > because I've been using emulation for a long time and havent had
> > those problems at all. What do you think? I will try burning some
> > dvd-rs with no emulation now and see what happens.  By the way,
> > thanks for all the help man.
> Scsi emulation is broken in 2.6, and you shouldn't use it.
> The speed problem which occurs when you use burning with ATAPI should
> be resolved in 2.6.11, so please try out the newest 2.6 series without
> scsi emulation.
> Gergely
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