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Re: Problem with growisofs: CLOSE SESSION failed with SK=5h/ASC=72h/ACQ=03h

I did change them. Maybe not the way I was supposed to, but take a look:

	while (err=cmd.transport()) {
	    if (SK(err)==0x5 && ASC(err)==0x72 && ASCQ(err)==0x03) {
		    sperror ("CLOSE SESSION (but try to continue)",err);
	    } else {
		    sperror ("CLOSE SESSION",err);

and my error was SK=5h/ASC=72h/ACQ=03h, isnt that correct?

But hey, I may have found out something interesting. I've been emulating scsi because otherwise I wasnt able to burn dvds faster than 1x. Today I was trying to read a dvd and got i/o error while reading two of the files in it. So as turn de emulation off and was able to read those 2 files with no problem. I got the i/o errors in my 2 drives, and in 2 different moments, one in the debian 2.6.8 wich is in installed in my computer and one in an old knoppix 2.4 wich I had here. So I guess maybe thats the problem? That is weird because I've been using emulation for a long time and havent had those problems at all. What do you think? I will try burning some dvd-rs with no emulation now and see what happens.
By the way, thanks for all the help man.

Tiago Urameshi

On Mon, 02 May 2005 00:08:55 +0200
RISKO Gergely <risko@risko.hu> wrote:

> On Sun, 1 May 2005 18:28:57 -0300, urameshi_ut@terra.com.br writes:
> > Hello again.  I tried burning another dvd just now, with the patched
> > growisofs, and I got the same error and the exact same result again.
> > I was wondering if maybe my drive is broken. What do you think? I
> > guess I'll try borrowing another one from a friend.  Here are the
> > outputs from this last burn:
> Did you changed the error numbers in the patch, as I asked you?  The
> output shows that you didn't do that.
> Your drive (or its firmware) is broken, I think, what we are trying to
> do is a workaround.
> Gergely
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