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at a lunch on friday part of the world economic forum here speakers were invited to answer a simple question what advice would they give the next president of the united states?
it s nice to feel included by the democratic party i m so happy that they are addressing our issues and trying to make sure that we are treated as equal citizens in this country!
i do plan to vote for kerry must repudiate bush it s just that i don t see pres kerry as changing direction - that will be up to us.
everyone seems to agree the topic is important studies have found that the suicide risk among people in these groups is two to three times higher than the average risk.
order prilosec - prilosec side effects - may cause diarrhea constipation stomach ache nausea gas loss of appetite.
nbsp nbsp nbsp regular suppliment to quot high weirdness by mail quot -not entirely relevant.
opponents had argued the initiative was invalid because it lacked the required summary and certification from the ohio attorney general but they said they weren t surprised by thursday s ruling.
the alternative? years of fighting more and more enemies in iraq endlessly postponed elections and a warfare state in which military spending swallows every other program.
the history of our nation has demonstrated that separate is seldom if ever equal the four justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage wrote in the advisory opinion requested by the state senate.
i once filled up a bag with a west ham logo with horse manure and hung it on his car in hogan square cahir ask him if he remembers marie.
with that we walked away from him got in our car and drove away he looked like he didn t know what the hell had just happened.
oh god you guys are cute! we re so excited for you we wish you the best of luck for a long and happy life together if anyone deserves to be happy it s the both of you! love you guys bob and bootie.
shame on this state where individual freedom is part of our heritage but then hate is also a part of our heritage isn rsquo t it?

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