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Re: discs written by growisofs not readable on OSX ?

On 5. April 2005 at 7:47PM +0200,
Gregoire.Favre@gmail.com wrote:

> Under linux, I can mount my DVD-R without problem, but OSX says
> me they are empty ???

I really should try this one of these days;-)

> Any idea why and what sould be done ?
> I use this small script to write my DVD :
> #!/bin/bash
> if [ -z "$1" ]; then
>         echo "usage : $0 DVD_title DVD_dir [write speed]"
>         echo "That will write a DVD with data structure."
>         exit
> fi
> if [ -z "$3" ]; then
> S=4
> else
> S=$3
> fi
> hdparm -c1 -d1 /dev/hdc
> growisofs -speed=$S -Z /dev/hdc -f -J -r -graft-points -V $1 $2
> mount /mnt/cdrom4
> ls -alh /mnt/cdrom4
> DF
> umount /mnt/cdrom4
> eject /dev/hdc

But I've created DVD's that can be without any problems read in
WinXP and BeOS (if they can be read without problems in
GNU/Linux). I always add the option -dvd-compat to my burns. Also
there are "hidden" (that is, undocumented) options in the source
which you might want to try.

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