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Re: dvd-r questions and problems

(Apologies for breaking threading.  I've subscribed
but haven't recieved any mails yet.)

For the record, I'm using linux kernel 2.4.26 which
I'm sure has large file support.  The drives
filesystem is ext3 which has a 256 GB file limit. 

Karl-Heinz Herrmann wrote:
>I'm not sure if the problem still exists, but an ISO
of >4.3GB is no problem for mkisofs but a single file
of >more than ~2GB in an iso is.
Seems to be the case as I've also burned 4+ GB ISOs
with no problems.

>The 1.5GB file on the other hand should not be a
I thought it was odd but figured the other one was
messing up the whole thing.

>For testing mkisofs you can mount the images via
>loop-back, no need to waste dvd's.
After I realized the problem wasn't growisfs and
cdrecord-prodvd that's what I've been doing but I
don't think the -split-output files can be loop
mounted.  Only a dollar so I won't cry.

Thanks for helping!

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