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Re: UDF, ext2 and -o loop created images

Volker Kuhlmann wrote:

Of course, I am sure things get a lot more complicated by the filesystem
"growing" or appending required for multisession recording of nonrewritable
media. UDF may allow for a "growudffs" approach, but I doubt if ext2 can.

Sure, make a big empty file, do a mke2fs, making the block size 4k, then mount it. Copy anything you want to it, and unmount it. Now burn it to a CD (or DVD). Easy as that.

I think you misunderstood here Bill (btw can you trim your replies?).
Adding a few more files in another session and have all files of all
sessions accessible when the disk is mounted requires explicit support
by the filesystem. Ext2, and I suspect any other hard disk fs, can't do
that. You can then only create a completely new disk. For CDs and a
little scripting this beats any linux-packet writing by a long shot and
may match adding another iso9660 session, but not for DVDs even if you
have a very fast computer.

Putting ext2 on a CD and adding to later are two problems, I provided one answer of two, since it sounded as if he was not clear on doing etc2 to CD at all.

The last time I trimmed some unrelated paragraphs I got a private flame saying I took things out of context, and now you are unhappy because I didn't. If a question is over five lines long I'll answer the author directly. Since well over half this list is spam, unfiltered, I'm really tired of getting BS about on-topic posts.

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