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Re: Re: Plextor PX-716A

Recently a Plextor 716A replaced a failed Sony DVD burner.

The Plextor 716A will only (so far) write CD (-R/-RW)media and
DVD-RW media.  Attempts (on both BSDI and Linux (SuSE 9.2) to write
to DVD+R have failed.

Using 'growisofs' the first write10 command to the 716A elicits an I/O 
error with "SK=5 ASC=22 ACQ=0".  I pulled in the MMC documents and can 
only find ASC 21 and 24, not 22.

Attempting to use cdrecord-proDVD (the latest version for linux from
June 2004) didn't work - I kept getting (even as root) permission denied
to /dev/hda even though "dev=ATA:1,0,0" was used and the 716A
is /dev/hdc.

So far the 716A is a dud, good CD writer but makes coasters from DVD+R
media.  DVD+RW media is a mixed situation - it has worked once or twice
a couple days ago but today I get write10 errors with ASC=22.

I'll bring in some DVD-R media and risk making some more coasters

Steven Schultz

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