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Re: DVD Writing


> ps Sorry Thomas if I've broken with established protocol as I replied
> earlier to your personal email, I am a bit new to mailing lists.

Oh, you didn't and i would be the wrong person to
enforce any. 
Since we are still in riddling state i did not
post my reply to the list, either. 

But for completeness, here's a copy for the public :

> Many thanks for the reply.

I'm trying to earn my christmas gifts.

> I'm not sure it's an environment problem as the man page for growisofs
> states in the notes:
> *** Man page extract ***
> If  the  media  already  carries isofs and growisofs is invoked with -Z
> option non-interactively, e.g. through cron, it shall fail with "FATAL:
> /dev/dvd  already carries isofs!" Note that only ISO9660 is recognized,
> you can perfectly zap e.g. an UDF filesystem non-interactively.
> *** Man page extract end***

Now this i cannot find in  dvd+rw-tools-
which is the current version at 

> and this is exactly what I see. If I format the DVD first then the
> problem is solved but there appears to be some concern over keep
> formatting a DVD+RW.
> I am using:
> growisofs by <appro@fy.chalmers.se>, version 5.13,

That is quite old. Nevertheless, Luke's Force should be worth
a try. I once needed it with 5.2 (or was it 5.3 ?) and since
then it does protect me.

But it seems not to be necessary any more for that original
purpose. It got new jobs, nevertheless.
See the history at the beginning of 

The man page of 5.21 says :
       There're several  undocumented  options  commonly  denoted
       with -use-the-force-luke prefix. Some of them serve debug­
       ging  purposes.  Some  require  certain  knowledge   about
       recording process or even OS kernel internals and as being
       such can induce confusing behaviour. Some are to  be  used
       in  very  specific  situations better recognized by front-
       ends or automated scripts. Rationale behind leaving  these
       options  undocumented  is  that  those few users who would
       actually need to use them directly can as well consult the
       source code or obtain specific instructions elsewhere.

Well, one of my christmas wishes is -use-the-force-luke=noload
working. I'm crossing fingers that Andy finds the
time to read his mail.

> ... I still see the ISO file system
> warning so I am assuming the CRON FATAL error too. What does it do ?

I would not bet on that. I always see this warning.
All my growisofs runs are controlled by a script
which itself pretends to be cdrecord ... at least as
far as my backup program is concerned.
I never noticed any attempt of growisofs to interact
with me directly.

Just give it a try and see what happens.

If -use-the-force-luke helps with 5.13 or an upgrade 
to 5.21 does, then please send a short note to 
cdwrite@other.debian.org , too.

Have a nice day :)


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