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Re: DVD Writing.

We have been trying to create the multiplatform DVD's that run on all the
platforms Win,Solaris and Mac.  We have tried different versions of mkisofs
on Windows but were unsuccessful. Any help in this regard is highly

Case 1:
Hardware: Win 2k Advanced Server, SP4
Mkisofs version 1.14. Command line Options: mkisofs -r -T -J -hfs --sfm -hide-joliet-trans-tbl
-hide-rr-moved -max-iso9660-filenames  -V "XYZ" -o XYZ.iso XYZ
Problem: Unable to create image of the data >> 2.3 GB.  if the Data<< 2.3 GB
it works fine.

HFS version implemented by mkisofs has inherent limit of 2GB. Or in other words HFS volume can't be larger than 2GB. If -apple extension to iso9660 doesn't do the trick, then the only option you have is to keep your volumes smaller than 2GB. A.

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