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Re: Underruns on Audio CD Burns

Anssi Saari <as@sci.fi> wrote:

> If you're interested, I got around this problem by switching to FreeBSD,
> then going back to Linux and getting a motherboard with SiS745 chipset,
> which had no problems with PIO and 16x burns. Current solution is
> Linux kernel 2.6.

FreeBSD may have problems too as seveal FreeBSD releases introduced (from time 
to time) a bug in CAM Auto Sense handling that causes strange problems.
There is no workareound except for finding the "right" FreeBSD version :-(

My recommendation is to use Solaris. Solaris did also have problems but there
always has been a work around.


The only current problem with Solaris 10 is that it disables DMA with ATAPI
CD-ROM drives but there is a sulution by appliying a "adb" patch to the
driver binary which is documented in the cdrtools README's.....


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