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Re: mkisofs -U

Bill Davidsen <davidsen@tmr.com> wrote:

> The man page indicates that the -U option "Forces on the -d, -l, -L, -N,
> -relaxed-filenames, -allow-lowercase, -allow-multidot and -no-iso-translate flags."
> There seems to be no way to get file versions with the -U flag, regardless
> of the option order. The -U doc indicates that it turns off the version
> flag, but it doesn't indicate that it prevents turning it back on with
> -use-fileversion. While all of the actions of -U can be specified one at a
> time, it would be *far* easier to have a way just to reenable file
> versions.

What is the problem with specifying the other options separately?

> 2 - when you change the function of the -L flag to break all existing
> scripts and programs which currently specify it, don't forget to change
> the -U documentation.

Looks like you use outdated versions. This has been done _long_ ago.


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