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Unidentified subject!


I want to take data backup on to a cdrom.My problem is when i want to 
two directories with the same name like


Sice both direcories have the same name(Since making an iso image with the 
two dirs combined is impossible ,since /home/naren/www automatically 
overwrites /var/www in an iso) Since mkisofs does not take in to matter 
the path to which the (I donno completely )
files r there but only takes in to accont the last name (i mean only the 
'www' part)

So finally i want to write it as

1. var.www

to make an iso image such that when it is burned on a cd gives two dirs 
and home.naren.www 

I have to make some manipulation when trying to make 
them(1./var/www,2./home/naren/www) to iso image and then burn it on a cd 

How do i do this ???

Any suggestions 

Thanks in anticipation

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