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Re: problems with growisoft

Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se> wrote:

> > #mkisofs -C 16,407824 -M /dev/hdd -root backup-2004-10-22-10:43
> > -old-root backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D -exclude-list
> > /tmp/backup.exclude -graft-points home/nason=home/nason
> > 
> > The program runs an infinite loop in multi.c:545,
> >    while (len >= 4) {
> It's pure mkisofs problem. In other words it has anything to do whether 
> or not you use ide-scsi, what is your kernel version nor which brand is 
> your recorder unit. It has everything to do with your home directory 
> structure. You can try narrow the problem by temporarily moving 
> subdirectories out of your home directory to identify which one causes 
> trouble, then step down that directory and apply same procedure 
> (temporarily move out subdirs elsewhere on same device)... A.

Unless I did see the image that caused the problem, I am not willing to call
this a mkisofs problem.

Note that the OP did not use an official mkisofs version but a RedHat hack and
it may be that the image is just broken. The problem with RR is that it is hard
to add workarounds for any defect in ISO images that are going to be used 
to be continued with multi session.


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