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problems with growisoft

I used to make incremental backups of my home directory
using growisofs. At some point I started to have problems with it.

The initial session is burned with:

#growisofs -Z /dev/hdd -root backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D
-exclude-list /tmp/backup.exclude -graft-points home/nason=home/nason
2>&1 | tee /tmp/backup.log


WARNING: /dev/hdd already carries isofs!
About to execute 'mkisofs -root backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D
-exclude-list /tmp/backup.exclude -graft-points home/nason=home/nason |
builtin_dd of=/dev/hdd obs=32k seek=0'
/dev/hdd: "Current Write Speed" is 4.1x1385KBps.
/dev/hdd: flushing cache
/dev/hdd: stopping de-icing
/dev/hdd: writing lead-out

If I mount the dvd now, it has the backup on it
under the directory backup-2004-10-22-10:36, as I expected.

Now I try to burn a subsequent session in incremental mode:
#growisofs -M /dev/hdd -root backup-2004-10-22-10:43 -old-root
backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D -exclude-list /tmp/backup.exclude
-graft-points home/nason=home/nason


Executing 'mkisofs -C 16,407824 -M /dev/fd/3 -root
backup-2004-10-22-10:43 -old-root backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D
-exclude-list /tmp/backup.exclude -graft-points home/nason=home/nason |
builtin_dd of=/dev/hdd obs=32k seek=25489'
Rock Ridge signatures found

At this point the dvd burner lights up for a while then stops.
Nothing happens. Using top I can see that mkisofs is using
all the cpu available. I have to kill the process.

If I do the same with a small test directory, the same procedure
works. With my home directory (800Mb) it hangs.

I compiled mkisofs with a debug option, and ran under the debugger
the command (is this right? I took it from the growisofs output,
substituting /dev/fd/3 with /dev/hdd ):

#mkisofs -C 16,407824 -M /dev/hdd -root backup-2004-10-22-10:43
-old-root backup-2004-10-22-10:36 -quiet -R -D -exclude-list
/tmp/backup.exclude -graft-points home/nason=home/nason

The program runs an infinite loop in multi.c:545,
   while (len >= 4) {

I do not quite understand what the program is doing.

If I use the old ide-scsi interface (with /dev/scd0 instead
of /dev/hdd) I find the same problem.

I appreciate suggestions;

My setup: AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2600+, Fedora2,

The dvd writer is an LG, identified as

Best regards, Paolo Nason


Paolo Nason, INFN, sez. di Milano
Universita' di Milano-Bicocca,
Dip. di Fisica "G. Occhialini",
Piazza della Scienza, 3
20126 Milano
Phone: +39-02-64482541.
Fax:   +39-02-64482582.

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