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Re: hidden file on an iso-image ?

On 21.10.2004 19:20, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
> Hi,
> I have an ISO image of 300 Mb which is said to contain software for
> Linux and for Windows.
> When I burn it onto a CD and mount it or when I mount it directly as
> loop device,
> I can only see the Linux part ( du -sm shows 144 Mb only).
> When I look at it under Windows I can only see the Windows part.
> Is there any means to access everything under Linux?
> And how can I create such an image?
> Many thanks for a hint,

man mount (Parameter: "unhide")
- snip -
       unhide Also show hidden and associated files.  (If the ordinary files and the associated or hidden files have the same filenames, this may make the ordinary files inaccessible.)
- snip -

a quick glanced shows that 'man mkisofs' also reveals a few

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