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Re: reading cdtext

> > Reading the cdtext info from a disk with cdrecord -toc -vv is very fast
> > and easy, but the result is a binary file not usable by any other
> > software and which can't be edited.
> Not true: you can edit the file with CDR-WIN if you remove the first 2 bytes
> from the CD-Text File.

Ok, let me rephrase: not editable with commonly available open source

> > Using cdda2wav -vall -B -J is comparatively dog-slow but produces the
> > .inf files, however it fails to extract any cdtext info (is this really
> > intentional design?). (This also means cdda2wav can't make exact
> > copies.)
> Writing it this way could be called at least agressive...it is defintely not
> true. 

cdrecord: 14 seconds, cdda2wav -vall -B -J: 6.5 minutes - "comparatively
dog-slow" seems accurate, but yes there are more ways to express that.
However, speed wasn't the issue - the issue is that the .inf files
produced by cdda2wav -vall -B -J do not contain any of the cdtext
information previously recorded onto the same disk with cdrecord -text

> Copies made with cdda2wav & cdrecord are not as exact as possible but as
> axact as you like ;-)

Sure, but I wasn't talking about copies. I was looking at the general
case of "I burnt this CD some while back, what cdtext/extra info does
it contain". Afterall, that's the point of cdtext.

> > Is there any software which can extract the cdtext (+ cdextra) info from
> > a disk and write out .inf files? Is there a converter for cdrecord's
> > cdtext.dat to .inf files?
> Well, RTFM use: 
> cdda2wav -vall -B

Ho hum.
1) The .inf files produced by cdda2wav -vall -B contain track lengths
etc, but no cdtext info. RTF original posting before answering.
It always says 
CD-Text: not detected
CD-Extra: not detected
2) I wanted to get the cdtext info, not all the audio as well, hence the
-J. The man page is a little vague:

       -J  --info-only
              does not write to a file, it just gives information
              about the disc.

From my experiments, accurate would be: Does not write audio data
file(s), only .inf files. In other words, terminates after writing the
.inf files but before writing the .wav files.

I have yet to see cdda2wav extract any cdtext info from disk (yes it
can query a cddb data base fine), but I don't know whether it was
supposed to be able to in the first place. What's wrong with asking
which other tool(s) do job X (is extracting cdtext info from disk to
plain text file that unusual?)?


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