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Re: reading cdtext

Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz> wrote:

> Reading the cdtext info from a disk with cdrecord -toc -vv is very fast
> and easy, but the result is a binary file not usable by any other
> software and which can't be edited.

Not true: you can edit the file with CDR-WIN if you remove the first 2 bytes
from the CD-Text File.

Extracting the file with cdrecord is currently the only way to copy Japanese 

> Using cdda2wav -vall -B -J is comparatively dog-slow but produces the
> .inf files, however it fails to extract any cdtext info (is this really
> intentional design?). (This also means cdda2wav can't make exact
> copies.)

Writing it this way could be called at least agressive...it is defintely not


Copies made with cdda2wav & cdrecord are not as exact as possible but as
axact as you like ;-)

> Is there any software which can extract the cdtext (+ cdextra) info from
> a disk and write out .inf files? Is there a converter for cdrecord's
> cdtext.dat to .inf files?

Well, RTFM use: 

cdda2wav -vall -B


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