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Re: cdrtools-2.01a37 ready

scdbackup@gmx.net wrote:

> > The tracksize was unknown -> man cdrecord tells you how to
> > deal with this problem.
> I have read that. But the man page as well as cdrecord
> tradition suggest that TAO mode does not need to know the
> track size in advance.

Well there are writers tha need the track in advance size regardless of the 
write mode, so I see no problem.

> For my purpose, with TAO from stdin, it would be better to
> simulate a media overrun at 1 GB rather than to demand the
> size in advance.

I don't like to be made responsible for damaged media.

> May i ask for a little favor ? 
> I do not know where to dig for the answer to the following question :
> Are there objections against having the only track of a CD
> ending with 300+ kB of _ non-zero _ pad bytes rather than the
> padding provided by  cdrecord padsize=...  or  mkisofs -pad  ?
> A short "is ok" or "better pad 300 kB zeros" would be of help.

I cannot tell, better you use zeroes.


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