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Re: mkisofs udf help!

It is most unlikely that you are able to check correctness using xine because AFAIK xine only reads the data via the filesystem interface and stand alone
DVD players usually ignore the underlying filesystem and access the data

Are you saying that a stand alone DVD player looks for the dvd files (IFO, BUP, VOB) some other way than reading the file descriptors?

The simple fact is that for a DVD player it's more than sufficient to locate VIDEO_TS.IFO file. *Whole* DVD-Video contents can be pulled based *solely* on data structures located in this file *without* further reference to file system code. Consequently the fact that *some* player plays malformed volume (one not compliant with "Constraints imposed by UDF for DVD-Video" section of UDF specification) does not guarantee universal playability. You hardly have an option to disrespect this. A.

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