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Andy Polyakov wrote:
Just for the record and not let people fall to wrong expectations. HD_BURN has nothing to do with Double Layer. HD_BURN was offered with single-layer units as well. HD_BURN is a hack to record double as much data on CD-R(!). It's achieved in two ways: smaller pits and different data encoding scheme. HD_BURN media can be played only in HD_BURN recorder unit and DVD units with modified(!) firmware. It won't play in "any" DVD reader.

Thanks for the information, the only recorder I have which offers HD_BURN also offers DL DVD capability,

^^ ??? You mentioned it was Optorite DD1203. According to www.optorite.com it's not a DL capable unit. I mean it can surely play dual-layer DVDs just like *any* other DVD unit, but it doesn't say that it can *record* Double Layer media.

If it doesn't support that I will be contacting some law enforcement folks, the ad from which I bought clearly talks about refocusing the laser to burn the 2nd layer, etc, and claims 8.5 GB on a DVD. And I saved the page to show someone else, happily. Should be interesting, unfortunately now I have to pull it and find a Windows machine I can use to see what it does with their software, Linux sure doesn't know about that capability.

I guess the real answer is that if it doesn't do this neat stuff except under Windows, it may as well not do it at all.

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