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Re: Problems with DDW-081 under Linux

     I'm having problems with reading DVDs burned on my new DDW-081
using growisofs. If I burn them in Windows I don't have any problems
with discs (in Windows or Linux), but if I burn them in Linux (using
growisofs) I often get bad sector errors (in both Linux and Windows)
when reading files.

Defined "DVDs," "them" and "often." I mean how many disks are you referring to? Couple or handful? Does "often" mean that errors are intermittent (appear in different files at different times and disappear if you re-read) or permanent (same place all the time)? Can you reproduce the problem with *another* media brand? Is writing performance appropriate under Linux? Later growisofs versions print summary at the end of recording denoting average velocity...

The one major difference I can figure out is that in
Windows the DVDs get burnt as UDF, whereas under linux I burn them as
iso9660. Are there any known problems with iso9660 that would cause
something like this?

No. But to exclude interaction with file system code try 'dd if=/dev/dvd of=/dev/null bs=2k'. Does it fail or proceed?

I've attached the mediainfo output for the windows
disc (goodmedia.info) and a linux disc (badmedia.info).


 Legacy lead-out at:    302192*2KB=618889216


 Legacy lead-out at:    1286672*2KB=2635104256

Dataset recorded under Windows is smaller. Can you confirm that you have no problems if dataset recorded under Windows is as large as one recorded under Linux? Can you see if I/O errors are spread across whole surface or appear closer to end (see syslog).

But note that the above question are mostly ones that you should ask *yourself* in order to figure out what is exactly is wrong: poor media? broken unit? something else? A.

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