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Re: *nix flash utility for BTC DVD recorders

>From: Dave Huang <khym@azeotrope.org>

>I got tired of having to move my BTC 1008 from my Alpha to a Windows
>machine to update the firmware (especially since BTC seems to be
>releasing updates quite often), so I made a flasher for *nix. It uses
>transport.hxx from Andy Polyakov's dvd+rw-tools to talk to the drive,
>so it should work on any system that dvd+rw-tools works on.

>You'll need the firmware in an Intel hex-like format, which you should
>be able to find somewhere in the Windows\Temp directory after running
>BTC's flash utility (so you'll still need access to a Windows machine;
>you just don't need the drive to be in one).

>I've only tested it on my particular setup, a DEC Alpha running NetBSD
>2.0 beta and a BTC 1008 drive, and it was able to update my drive from
>0557 to 0258. However, I think it should also work with the other BTC
>recorders too.

>The file is available at http://www.bga.com/~khym/btcflash.cpp

>Put it in the same directory as the rest of dvd+rw-tools and compile
>it with whatever options are used for the other tools (in my case,
>"c++ -O2 -D__unix -fno-exceptions -o btcflash btcflash.cpp")

Hi, nice idea!

But why didn't you use libscg to send the commands? This way, you would
get portability to many operating systems.....

The simplest way would be to create a SSPM (Slottable Source Plugin Module)
for the cdrtools tarball. This way, your program size would not increase (except
for a simple 10 line Makefile and a one line Plugin Anker file) but you would
get portability to > 20 system without a need to take care for portability 

To make it even easier for you, I did create a SSPM for you....


-rw-r--r--    1 root     cdrecord     4403 Apr 29 14:09 skel-1.0-sspm.tar.bz2

Is a sample SSPM file for the Scgskeleton code. Just untar it in the cdrtools
source root directory and call "make install"


-rw-r--r--    1 root     cdrecord     6905 Apr 29 14:10 btcflash-0.1-sspm.tar.bz2

Is a SSPM file made from the Scgskeleton code and your code.
Just untar it in the cdrtools source root directory and call "make install"


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