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Re: growisofs vs. LG GSA4040B: unable to CLOSE SESSION (5h/72h/03h):Input/output error

Ouch. I hereby revoke my previous statement. 

> > Hugh Redelmeier :
> > I did a plain cmp command:
> >        # cmp /dev/scd0 /space1/hugh/EJHR-toshiba.iso
> >        cmp: EOF on /space1/hugh/EJHR-toshiba.iso
> > Although that is an error message, it is one that suggests success!
> Me :
> Seems to be the effect you encounter and seems not to mean "ok".
> I would interpret it as "matching file start - but data truncated".

I just did not realize that the _disk file_ was the one to be short.
(I was biased by own experience and should not participate in public
discussions until my brain is fully awake.)
My apologies.

Have a nice day :)


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