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something for you [T2004041500G2S060]

Dear cdwrite@other.debian.org,

Thank you for writing DVDPlanet.com.  We received your e-mail message at 05:57:48 on 2004-04-15.  To ensure your message is handled in a timely and efficient manner, we have assigned a tracking number to your e-mail, T2004041500G2.  Please use this number when referencing this issue in any future correspondence.  

Please do not reply to this automated notification. We prioritize our e-mail by the order in which it was received, so there is no need to send multiple messages regarding the same issue.  We typically respond to messages within two (2) business days, excluding holidays.  

***Due to e-mail system problems your response will be delayed from 48-72hrs.  Please be assured that we are working diligently to expedite your response.

If you are looking for the status of your order we encourage you to use our order history feature.  You will see this feature once you have logged onto your account.  You may also find the information you are looking for by browsing our help section: 


Again, thank you for writing DVDPlanet.com.  We appreciate your business.


DVDPlanet Customer Service Department

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