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Re: DVD-Ram diagnostics


Am Mittwoch, 14. April 2004 14:12 schrieb Joerg Schilling:
> >I was told, that DVD-Ram is very secure because of its structure. Today a
> >nearly four months old DVD-Ram failed. (Maxell, non-cartrigde version). My
> >LG-4081B throw some i/o errors when I tried to dd the dvd-ram with random
> >data in order to encrypt it.
> >I could not see any scratches, dust or any fingerprints on the dvd.
> >What might have gone wrong? How can I detect it? How do I proctect my
> > other backups?
> DVD-RAM is no more secure than DVD-RW if both are not inside a cartridge.
> If you use "Formatted" DVD (non RAM) media, you of course need to make sure
> that you are using Mt. Fuji (DVD-RW) or Mt. Rainier (DVD+RW), otherwise
> DVD-RAM is still better.

Are you sure? Imho DVD-Ram runs some checking cycles during the recording, 
thus recording is slower and more secure.
(Anyway, I like DVD-Ram because it can be used as an ordinary block-device, 
like a hd ;)

ok. But what may have gone wrong?
Is it a media-error or do I do have to upgrade firmware or are there any known 
linux-kernel issues?
I cannot imaging, that storing a disc in a shelf in its Jewel-Case cause 
damage to the disc.
However, the writing cycle four months ago have not shown any problems...

Keep smiling

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