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Re: cannot setup HP7200 anymore

>From rob23@tmr.com  Fri Apr  2 06:01:49 2004

>>>but when  I try  to load  ide-scsi I can't  see it  as SCSI  device. I
>>>wanted to try  the new ide-cd interface but don't  know how pg0 should
>>>be addressed. I'm  pretty desperate. Why things that  WERE working are
>>>broken  now. Who  is so  stupid to  do this?  Sorry for  that  but I'm
>>>getting pretty desperate. 
>>The apripriate driver is "pg", not ide-scsi ..... Linux confusion....
>>99% of all HP CD-Writer+ 7200 are dead now.
>What he said. You should be using ide-scsi for this drive. And if you 
>don't want things to change don't update your kernel. We're all fighting 
>with changes from 2.4 to 2.6.

Ok, it seems I was confused. But then, the OS installation is insane.
This is the only reason why there could be such a message.


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