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Re: Updated DVD patch for cdrecord

Rob Bogus <rob23@tmr.com> writes:

> Warly wrote:
>>Available at http://people.mandrakesoft.com/~warly/files/cdrtools/
>>Updated DVD patch (at present against a25) with a better DVD+RW
>>formatting and burning support.
>>scanbus will also display dev=ATA scanning if no dev option is passed on
>>the command line, mostly because we are defaulting on ide-cd with 2.6
>>linux kernel.
> One question: is this against the Mandrake modified cdrecord in the
> same directory, or the unmodified source from Joerg? Or are the 'mdk'
> versions just stock source labeled to indicate the source?

Unmodified source from Joerg.

This patch is the one used into the mandrake modified cdrecord.


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