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Re: extension of mkisofs for incremental backups

>Old-Return-Path: <Patrick.Ohly@gmx.de>

>> This is a program written by Bill Shannon (the inventor
>> of the vnode interface that also was the base for the NFS
>> rpc interface.

>I have been unable to find a homepage of Bill Shannon
>or cstyle, although he turns  up in some Google hits,
>mostly related to his current work on Java for Sun.

I am currently trying to convince Sun that this program may be 
officially distributed. It seems that there has been lo leak
so far...

>fixed the places that you mentioned manually. Please
>be patient if I didn't get all of them right and perhaps
>consider making cstyle available on your web site if you
>expect patches to be cstyle-clean (especially the correct
>line continuation isn't clear to me).

Looks better now (only one deviation):

multi.c: 1615: continuation line not indented by 4 spaces
                                         strcmp(new_orig_contents[i]->name, reloc_old_root) != 0) {

But it seems that you have a strange editor:

        if (merge_image != NULL) { 
                if (merge_previouS_session(ROOT, MROOTP, 
                                                                                        reloc_root, reloc_old_root) < 0) { 

>Regarding evaluating the patch: you can fairly easily
>conclude that it doesn't break anything by assuming
>reloc_old_root == NULL in multi.c (the default when
>no -old-root is used). Then it is obvious that the
>new code is completely inactive and the same code as
>without the patch is executed.

Didn't you see this:

  #define OPTION_CHRP_BOOT              2042 
+ #define       OPTION_RELOC_ROOT               2042 
+ #define       OPTION_RELOC_OLD_ROOT   2043 


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