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Re: writing speed issue with dvd+rw-tools

On Wed 3 March 2004 14:07, Joerg Schilling wrote:
> From: Lourens Veen <lourens@rainbowdesert.net>
> >> WRONG -> RTFM....
> >> ftp://ftp.berlios.de/pub/cdrecord/ProDVD/README
> >
> >I just read that document, and I'm curious what exactly is
> > wrong. To split up Jon's statement:
> >
> >- cdrecord-ProDVD will burn a maximum of 1 GB of data without a
> > key - cdrecord-ProDVD will burn more than 1 GB of data, but
> > only with a key
> >- the key must be obtained from you
> >- the key is time limited
> >- the key restricts usage (burning speed for CDs)
> >- it is your right to licence cdrecord-ProDVD like this
> >
> >So which one is wrong? It all seems to match the README to me...
> It seems that you did not really read the README.....
> your statements do not match what's inside the README

Endlessly repeating "you're wrong" does not magically make you win 
an argument. It's also a waste of time, since it doesn't enlighten 
anyone. But okay, if you want it spelled out:

1) cdrecord-ProDVD will burn a maximum of 1 GB of data without a key

"The binaries allow you to write either complete DVD-R & DVD-RW 
media when using the -dummy option or to write up to 1 GB of real 
data to a single media. As DVD+R/DVD+RW does not support a -dummy 
mode, you do not have the option to write a full DVD+R/RW medium in 
dummy mode."

Seems pretty accurate to me.

2) cdrecord-ProDVD will burn more than 1 GB of data, but only with a 

"You need a key to unlock unlimited writing."
"cdrecord-ProDVD has been free for research or educational porposes 
since January 2002. cdrecord-ProDVD is now free for private 
non-commercial purposes too. If you have this key (this one has 
been renewed on Jan 26th 2004): [...] as environment variable, 
cdrecord-ProDVD will not be limited when writing DVDs."

Again, looks correct.

3) The key must be obtained from you

The README doesn't say anything about obtaining keys elsewhere. We 
could try and reverse-engineer ofcourse...

4) The key is time limited

"As I am not sure if people will follow my licensing rules, so these 
keys are time limited and will expire on 2004 Aug 20 13:06:40 I 
will continue to make private/educational/research use free, but it 
may be that you need to request your private key for free after 
August 20th 2004."

Seems pretty clear to me.

5) The key restricts usage (burning speed for CDs)

"However, it is limited to 4x or the lowest possible 	speed of the 
drive (whatever value is higher) if you write a CD. 
Cdrecord-ProDVD-1.11a34 and before did limit the CD writing speed 
to 1. If the environment variable CDR_SECURITY= is not present, the 
cdrecord-ProDVD binaries don't limit the CD write speed. It makes 
sense to write a wrapper script for DVD only for this reason (see 

If you use the key, burning speed for CDs is reduced. Ofcourse, you 
can create a wrapper script and only use the key if you need it, or 
just use an ordinary cdrecord binary to burn CDs at full speed, so 
this whole thing is pretty pointless, but it's there nonetheless.

6) It is your right to licence cdrecord-ProDVD like this

If German Urhaberrecht is anything like the Dutch Auteursrecht, it 
simply prohibits distribution and distribution of modified 
versions, giving the author an opportunity to licence his work. I 
have not been able to find a copyright licence for the 
cdrecord-ProDVD binaries. You putting them up on the web seems to 
imply permission to download them, but other than that it's all 
rather unclear. The key is really not a copyright licence thing 
since it restricts usage, not copying. It's more like a technical 
protection. I'm not sure whether Germany implemented the EUCD yet, 
but that would probably protect trying to break it. At any rate, I 
don't think you're disputing this point.

So, I showed you that I did in fact do my homework. The only thing 
is that apparently I'm too stupid to understand. I realise that. 
Repeating it isn't going to make me smarter. So, please, explain 
where I went wrong. I want to learn, but I can't do it without some 

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