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Re: writing speed issue with dvd+rw-tools

>From: Jon Wilson <jon@phuq.co.uk>

>I can see that this *might* help determine whether the drive or the 
>software is at fault.

>But the "free" version of cdrecord-ProDVD only burns 1G of data 


>(according to the docs) which is less than I need to burn. Also, I spend 
>far a painfully large amount of my work time doing product support for 
>closed source projects. Respectfully, I don't see why I should spend my 
>free time doing support & testing for yours, as I will learn nothing, 
>get paid nothing and have no guarantee anyone but you will benefit. So 
>I'll stick with dvd+rw-tools if that's OK.

Looks like you like to stay uninformed. Why then do you write to this
mailing list?


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