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Re: DVD Compatiblity issue

>From: James Finnall <james@finnall.net>

>I was going to work with the -speed option tonight anyway.  It was
>taking too long for the job to complete as it was.  A 2.4x DVD+RW 
>will burn 4.2 GBytes in 22 minutes.  Here a 4x DVD-R was taking 
>28 minutes and the reported speed was 4x at the beginning.  I think 
>the idea here is that it should take less time, not longer.  So I 
>tried using -speed=4 and it still took 28 minutes.  Here the 
>reported speed was 4.1x though.  This recording time would seem to 
>me to be closer to 2x speed.  The "write" LED is illuminated 
>constantly so I do not think there are any buffer under-runs that 
>would account for the slower performance.  However, in regard to 
>the original problem, since the -speed=4 apparently did not really 
>work but the media appears to be fully readable by all my drives.  
>So it may be that the media yesterday was a defective piece of 
>media that had problems in the high speed drive units.  Since the 
>media is a write once type of media, I do not know how I can verify 
>or validate that piece of media.  On RW media I would simply 
>rewrite it and test again.

The cdrecord README clearly states that you _need_ working DMA
in order to write DVDs. If you have burnfree ON the drive just
dramatically slows down.


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