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Re: DVD Compatiblity issue

On Wednesday 28 January 2004 09:52, Andy Polyakov wrote:
> First of all note that 5.17 is strongly recommended update for
> those who deploy 5.14 through 5.16. It addresses problems with
> DVD-dash recordings performed with -dvd-compat option, i.e. very
> kind of recordings you're referring to. I apologize for
> inconvenience, but do upgrade.

Sorry about this.  I forgot about the announcement last week.
Upgraded tonight to 5.17.

> Now to wrap up directly.
> DVD-R media recorded in Optorite DD0203 unit with -dvd-video
> option with growisofs 5.16. This media can not be accessed in
> Optorite (SANYO derivate) nor HP dvd300n (NEC  derivative), but
> is accessible in HP dvd100j (Ricoh derivative) and some other
> legacy DVD-ROM/-Video units. Wow!
> If Optorite fails to read own media, while legacy units can,
> Optorite is the culprit. I can only suggest to lower the
> recording speed with -speed=1 and if it doesn't help, switch to
> another media brand.

I was going to work with the -speed option tonight anyway.  It was
taking too long for the job to complete as it was.  A 2.4x DVD+RW 
will burn 4.2 GBytes in 22 minutes.  Here a 4x DVD-R was taking 
28 minutes and the reported speed was 4x at the beginning.  I think 
the idea here is that it should take less time, not longer.  So I 
tried using -speed=4 and it still took 28 minutes.  Here the 
reported speed was 4.1x though.  This recording time would seem to 
me to be closer to 2x speed.  The "write" LED is illuminated 
constantly so I do not think there are any buffer under-runs that 
would account for the slower performance.  However, in regard to 
the original problem, since the -speed=4 apparently did not really 
work but the media appears to be fully readable by all my drives.  
So it may be that the media yesterday was a defective piece of 
media that had problems in the high speed drive units.  Since the 
media is a write once type of media, I do not know how I can verify 
or validate that piece of media.  On RW media I would simply 
rewrite it and test again.

In regard to using different media, it would appear from the 
media-info reports that DVD-R does not identify the manufacturer.  
So how can I identify who made it?  Since identification appears to 
be impossible on DVD-R media this seems to be most impractical.  
Also the media does not appear to even report the writing speed. So 
I cannot verify that the media I purchased was really 4x media.

I had a spindle of 4x DVD+R media here as well.  I wrote one without 
using the -speed option at all.  For the same 4125 Mb file system 
it took 23 minutes.  About the same as the 2.4x +RW media.  It 
reported 4.1x recording speed.  Appears to be playing OK.  Just 
takes longer than I would think to actually record it.

I also tried Cdrecord-ProDVD tonight and instructed to write at 4x 
speed, however, it reported only 2.0/2.1x performance as well.  So 
something here is limiting the throughput.  My first guess is this  
Optorite drive is just a piece of trash.  I think it is time to 
give up on it and just replace it.  I think it is obviously wasting 
more time than anything else.  I still remember all too well the 
problem about the labels on the media when I first purchased it.

Cdrecord-ProDVD would not record at 4x speed on my HP 300n with 4x 
+R media.  It kept dropping the speed back to 2x so I just 
terminated the test before writing anything.  I think it has to do 
with the drive reporting the highest speed as 3.9x instead of 4x.  
I did not see anyway to over-ride the automatic detection.

Growisofs however, would burn at 4x speed on the 300n drive using +R 
media.  It recorded the same content in 13 minutes.

Thank you for all your assistance.  I think the only real solution 
here is to junk the Optorite drive.

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