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Re: Automounters - more info wanted (was Re: Re: plextor px-708uf: cannot get disk type)

> or whatever. Then when the user actually opens the drive, the 
> automounter kicks in and it is mounted.

In this case, you simply don't need an automounter, and SuSE shows that
nicely. User wants to open hard disk? -> Click harddisk icon. User
wants to open CD? -> Click CD icon. I'm sure my mother would be able to
manage that. Neither KDE nor gnome automounters are even shipped by
SuSE. Given the amount of trouble with them, one could call it
foresight ;) I use autofs because I chose to manually enable it.

> To reiterate, we still need to know how to disable KDE autorun and 
> GNOME magicdev for a single drive.

I'd say these programs are broken if they cause coasters during
burning. This is not for cdrecord/growisofs to fix. Lodge a problem
report and urgent fix request with their maintainers, and meanwhile
include a stern warning with burning software to obliterate this kind
of nuisance software from the system during burning.

> Ideally, there would be a way to tell automount and magicdev to turn 
> this off from a program.

IMHO ideally these programs would be smart enough to keep their hands
off things which they otherwise break.


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