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Re: [Cdrecord-developers] Cdrtools-2.01a25: Patch to make cdrtools 2.01a25 Linux compatible

>From rob23@tmr.com  Fri Jan 23 14:07:13 2004

>>>attached there is  a patch to make cdrtools 2.01 compatible to Linux
>>>If the patch is not needed for some distros, which are assembled
>>>somehow, it does not harm anything...
>>Why should I add a wrong definition that would _break_ compilation
>>once the Linux kernel include files are fixed?
>>If you like to get a fix, go to the Linux Kernel people and request
>>a fix for their bugs!
>Problems may be caused by common user errors like using kernel include 
>files, particularly if it's done wrong by assuming that /usr/src/linux 
>points to the running kernel instead of the distribution kernel. It also 
>results silly end-user issues, such as generating an executable which 
>will only run on a single kernel series, like 2.0, 22, 2.4, 2.6, but 
>doesn't have kernel detection built in or include the kernel series in 
>the executable name so the user can select the correct version.

Please don't comment things you obviously don't really understand.

1)	The include files on /usr/src/linux have been absolutely needed for a long
	time to be able to compile at all.

2)	The include files under /usr/src/linux are definitely more recent
	resp. closer to the currently run kernel than what typically is under

3)	I am writing portable software. This means that it is portable
	even between different Linux versions. 

4)	What people like Linus Torvalds tell me on how I should compile,
	is definitely much much more incorrect than what I am currently doing.

5)	The problems are a result of _inconsistent_ unclude files in 
	/usr/src/linux, which I call a clear Bug that needs to be fixed.

6)	If you did ever try to write a program that uses interfaces that
	need /usr/src/linux to compile and run correctly you would probably 
	never repeat the wrong statements from people from LKML.

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