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Re: [Cdrecord-announces] cdrtools-2.01a24 ready

>From: Thomas Plank <tplank@gmx.at>

>> ASPI was default for several years. You changed this behavior.

>I'm not satisfied by changing this behavior too.
>I namely do not have any problems with the SPTI method (perhaps because
>I'm using NT 5.1) but what about all other users?

First an important note: we need to test the code. It it is not the
default, then it would remain untested.

>Why isn't ASPI default and SPTI the new possible access version?

Because otherwise, NT dumb users would not realize that it may work without

>And I additionally have in mind all users of win95/98/ME, there's no
>chance to get SPTI to work.

It has been proved to work on win98 without problems using the same
dev= strings as before.

>I strongly stand up for making ASPI again the default method.

It it blue screens Nt-4.0, then it makes sense to either find a workaround
(other software seems to be able to do also) or introduce a hack that makes
ASPI the default on NT-4.0


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