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Re: OpenSource alternatives for cdrecord.prodvd?

>From: Jan =?iso-8859-1?q?L=FChr?= <jluehr@gmx.net>

>as far as trust (not as in tusted computing ;) and security are concerned 
>Closed source is not an altanative for me :(

Well, look at what SuSE does (discussed here recently), they offer open Source 
but publish insecure software.

Unless you are able to understand higly complex softwaere and check every line
of code (with cdrecord you would need to check > 100,000 lines of code!)

Unless _you_ are really able to do this, Open source is not what helps you.
In contrary to that, it helps you to use software from people you may trust.

I personally dont trust people who patch cdrecord and do not even succeed to 
avoid bugs caused by miss used data structures that I see when only looking 
into the patch file for less than a minute.

>Are there any OpenSource alternatives for cdrecord.prodvd providing the same 
>Other tools like dvdrtools only provide a few features, compared to 

You name ie, this obscure "dvdrtools" is a piece of software that is risky to 

>I respect Joerg's view about the GPL, although I don't agree. Perhaps IBMs 
>counter lawsuit vs SCO is going to prove or reject the spirit of the GPL.

Well, I do follow the spirit of the GPL and in contrary to the Free Software 
Foundation, I also follow the Urheberrecht.... The FSF publishes software
(e.g. vcdimager) that violates the Copyright. 

>Btw. I don't want to refight flamewars alreade fought in mid-late 2002, I'm 
>just seeking for alternativs. 

I still don't understand your concerns, cdrercord-ProDVD is definitely more 
trustworthy than the illegal hacks on cdrecord that pretend to allow to write 


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