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Re: Geting rid of ide-scsi ?

Andy Polyakov wrote:

[ A long and interesting answer ... ]

Thank you very much, Andy !

To summarize : using a stock kernel allows the use of /dev/hdx with dvd+rw-tools. Patching the kernel allows for true direct access to dvd+r(w) discs, but needs ide-scsi on 2.4.x kernels (the stock 2.6.0 kernel already has the relevant "patch").

Three questions :

1) Is the above summary correct ?

2) Is the 2.4 kernel patch compatible with the "packet writing" patch one can use to allow packet writing to CD, thus allowing to create and update R/W UDF filesystems (à la Adaptec DirectCD) ? (The very same question may or may not be relevant for 2.6 kernels).

3) [ Out of my deep ignorance of DVD[+|-]R(W) standards ] : Is it possible to create such UDF R/W filesystems on DVDs ? This could allow for a swell incremental backup system for small/medium systems ... As I understand it, growisofs currently allows for something like that (i.e. one can, for example, *add* an incremental tar archive to a disk already containing a tar archive). The current "packet writing" tools allow for *replacing* an existing file on a CD. Is such a solution possible on a DVD ?

Sincerely yours,

						Emmanuel Charpentier

Emmanuel Charpentier

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