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Geting rid of ide-scsi ?

Dear Andy, dear list,

I just read the release notes for the still-wet 2.6.0 Linux kernel. Among other thigs is mentioned the fact that the ide-scsi emulation module is currently broken in this kernel, and that there exists very few enthousiasm to fix it.

A bit of further research showed that the recent incarnations of cdrecord and cdrecord-Prodvd can use plain old /dev/hdx IDE device interface. I also understand that this feature can also be used on 2.4.x). However, the manual for dvd+rw-tools (http://fy.chalmers.se/~appro/linux/DVD+RW/) still points the user to the ide-scsi pseudo-device (and hints at patching the kernel for other purposes).

Is this need still current ? If so, are there plans to suppress this requirement ? If not, shouldn't the manual be updated ?


					Emmanuel Charpentier

Emmanuel Charpentier

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