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Re: Dual format DVD burner drive problem

>From james@finnall.net  Tue Dec 16 05:15:29 2003

>I got cdrecord-ProDVD to run after a bit.  It burned the DVD+RW and it is mounted and readable.
>No errors at present.  The ouput from cdrecord-ProDVD is below.
>As you will see there are a number of warnings also in the listing.

As documented this is because the manucaturer ignores SCSI standards :-(

>I also had to use a fresh media that had only been formated, but never really used.
>A zeroed media would not work, it reported not enough space on the media.

Try cdrecord -force, I hope to find a solution soon.

>When I blank a DVD+RW I have writing 32 MBytes of zeroes to the disk using sdd.
>The media can no longer be mounted at that point, so I figure it is erased for my purposes.
>The max speed of the media is 2.4x so it burned it at full speed as well.

>I'll be back in a bit.  It looks like I have to reboot now.   
>I unmounted the drive, erased the media, ejected the tray, 
>went to reload the media and now it does not want to respond.  
>It reports drive not ready/no medium, the busy LED is steady on,
>the eject button doesn't work, etc.  So I guess it needs to be repowered.

May be the firmware of the drive is not very stable or Linux did hang.


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