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Re: Pioneer DVR-106D issues

>From: Kuwanger <neutrino99@hotmail.com>

>Well, it seemed like a good idea to sort of follow-up on my previous message, 
>so here it is.

>Unlikely what Andy seemed to think, I really wasn't asking this list for 
>kenrel support.  I was actually trying to find out if anyone else was having 
>the same problem.  That problem is under ide-cd burning a dvd-r at 0.40x 
>speed instead of the stated 4.00x accompanied with 1 to 2 CPU spikes per 
>second.  Cpu usage between spikes is near nil.  Also, the mouse cursor 
>movement will stutter from time to time.  Music doesn't skip.  This problem 
>occurs both in growisofs and with cdrecord (the latter I only tested with a 
>completed iso/udf image so the spikes were only 50% cpu instead of the usual 
>100%.  I'd test with cdrecord and mkisofs to see if it behaves exactly 
>growisofs if I knew how).

Looks like you don"t have DMA :-(

To verify:

use a non-CSSed DVD-ROM and read it with

readcd meshpoints=100

it should go up to 18 MB/s at the end......


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