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Re: Interesting DVD behaviour

> I have a Pioneer DVR-104 with a recent firmware upgrade. I note from
> the -prcap output that cdrecord identifies this as a 1X top speed
> drive. However, since I upgraded the firmware, growisofs burns with it
> at 2X (using 4X media). Would someone really sharp care to clarify
> how/why that happens?

The link was posted on my -RW page since awhile ago.

> Clearly there's a mismatch between what the drive reports and what it
> can actually do, and growisofs can detect the 2X capability.

As long as you don't pass -speed option to growisofs, it simply let's
firmware to pick whatever recording velocity it finds appropriate for
currently mounted media. You can also use dvd+rw-mediainfo to see what
does firmware "think" of currently mounted media. A.

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