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Re: DVD+/-R writers

>From: Andy Polyakov <appro@fy.chalmers.se>

>> >Going by my own observation and not what someone tells me, it seems random
>> >access write to DVD+RW is rather easier than to DVD-RW. I don't have to
>> >blank the disk, and it still works at 0.1x speed. Andy's DVD+RW kernel patch
>> >isn't meant for DVD-RW - could this be because DVD-RW doesn't allow
>> >something?
>> DVD+ _only_ works in some kind of packet mode. You need to format  a DVD+RW
>> before you may use it.

>This is exactly what one could call "FUD tactic." So DVD+ recording
>strategies are different from DVD- ones, so what? The fact that some
>applications, cdrecord-ProDVD among them, required major modifications
>to adopt DVD+ recording strategies doesn't speak against format or
>products. It's the outcome, recorded media, that counts!

Are you talking about your tactic to hide the fact that neither DVD+R nor
DVD+RW support SAO recording?

The best recording quality and readability is caused by writing in SAO mode.

DVD+R usually does not know the size of the medium when it starts
writing and therefore writes the TOC after the data. With DVD-R and DVD-RW
and cdrecord you write in SAO mode which causes the TOC to be written first
and the data to be written later without the need to reposition the laser.

>Bottom line. We have discussed things DVD- has to offer, DVD+ doesn't.

What das DVD- to offer?


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