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Re: DVD+/-R writers

>From: Volker Kuhlmann <hidden@paradise.net.nz>


You are really nasty with this. There is a commonly accepted rule not to use
broken e-mail adresses.

>> If you continue to repeat the marketing lies from the DVD+ alliance, nobody
>> would believe you.

>Perhaps the DVD+- are telling lies about each other, wouldn't be surprising.

I did not yet see a lie from the DVD- people. They even fail to report all that 

>> If you believe that DVD+ is able to do things DVD- can't so please name these
>> features.

>Going by my own observation and not what someone tells me, it seems random
>access write to DVD+RW is rather easier than to DVD-RW. I don't have to
>blank the disk, and it still works at 0.1x speed. Andy's DVD+RW kernel patch
>isn't meant for DVD-RW - could this be because DVD-RW doesn't allow

DVD+ _only_ works in some kind of packet mode. You need to format  a DVD+RW 
before you may use it. If you format a DVD-RW, you have no longer problems
with buffer underuns too. The pitfall is media reliability - as with DVD+RW.

>+/- compatibility issues are just a question of time, one would assume
>dvdrom anything which can only read - are no longer being made. cdroms were
>in a similar position once.

No, if the DVD+ alliance does not like to allow other modes of usage (even not 
e.g. a simulation mode for DVD+R) then I see no way where DVD+ could have all
possibilities you have with DVD-


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