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[Fwd: problems with growisofs on Fedora 1.0]

Oops!  I have to issue a retraction.  It looks like my problems can be
blamed on two consecutive occurrences of bad DVD media.  I was reluctant
to burn more disks due to the high price of the media, and was hoping to
hear something regarding this from the community.  The coincidence of the
bad burns with my upgrade to Fedora made the bad media hypothesis easy to
dismiss.  I apologize for the haste with which I raised this issue.

Maciek Kozyrczak

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Subject: problems with growisofs on Fedora 1.0
From:    "Maciek Kozyrczak" <dev@kozyrczak.com>
Date:    Sat, November 8, 2003 1:22 pm
To:      cdwrite@other.debian.org


I am wondering if any 'growisofs' users have upgraded their distros to
Fedora 1.0.  I have a Sony DRU-510A drive that I had working under Red Hat
9.0.  After upgrading to Fedora 1.0, I recompiled the dvd tool chain, just
to ensure library compatibility.  But neither the RH9-compiled nor the
Fedora-compiled versions of 'growisofs' have been producing reliable burns
on Fedora 1.0.  I don't end up with any errors during the burn, but
reading back the burned disk gives me input/output errors.  Is anyone out
there experiencing similar problems?

Maciek Kozyrczak

PS: I'm almost suspecting the ide-scsi layer, but I have no evidence to
support this.  The reason I'm suspicious is because I can only burn CD-Rs
in my Plextor drive in RAW mode (cdrecord), or else I also get I/O errors
on read-back.  Is there some known issue with the 'sg' driver?

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